Double Red A

Double Red A, whiskey barrel aged. Exclusive bottle club beer. We loaded up our mash tun with a heavier grain bill using American pale malt, Vienna, and a touch of assorted caramel malts. Bright fresh aromas of cherry and chocolate, sweet caramel oakiness, and hints of vanilla. Tart, medium bodied, with a dry finish.

Gose A

Gose A, tequila barrel aged with grapefruit. Exclusive bottle club beer. Brewed and coolshipped in January of 2018, the grain bill comprised of half summer wheat and half american pilsner malt. Fermented on stainless and age in freshly emptied Reposado Tequila barrel for a year, we then added 40 pounds of Ruby Grapefruit pulp to further fermented and age in neutral french oak. Fresh pineapple, citrus peel, and cooked agave fruitiness on the nose. Drinks with a peach skin tannin structure, grapefruit and lime flavors with a minerally finish.

Saison #7

A unique blend of one, two, and three year barrel aged saisons. Dry hopped with whole leaf Pekko hops for a week prior to bottle conditioning. A tropical flora of aromas with notes of citrus fruit, spring flowers, fresh cut pineapple, and melon. Clean, complex earthiness with medium bitterness, the beer has a structured body that drinks semi tart and finishes dry.

Saison #6

Saison #6, Citra dry hopped. Released in keg only for @sfbeerweek! A blend of 3 beers from 1 to 3 years old. Dry hopped for a few weeks on Citra, then left to condition in the keg. Aroma of grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and mild earthiness. Flavor starts bright citrus and progresses to a moderate funk from the Brettanomyces.

Wild Brut IPA #1

100% spontaneously fermented oak barrel-aged IPA. Influenced by the hop revolution of today while respecting the traditions of yesterday, this is our take on a hop assertive farmhouse ale. Coolshipped in the cold winter months of 2017, we fermented and barreled-aged in french oak puncheons to create a truly Santa Cruz native Wild Brut IPA. The wild yeast produces a bright stone fruit character and a tart gentle acidic bite. Double dry-hopped weeks apart with a blend of whole leaf Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops to pronounce both a bett hop character on top of a fresh juicy tropical fruit, citrus, and pine.

Gose #2

Gose #2, tequila barrel aged with Himalayan pink salt. A light, funky gose with coriander and pink Himalayan salt aged in tequila barrels. Restrained acidity, the tequila barrels impart a slight smoky flavor that enhances the herbal profile from coriander without imparting any booziness.