Dark Farmhouse #3

Dark Farmhouse #3, 100% spontaneously fermented dark wild sour. Pours dark and opaque in color with a frothy off-white head. Flavors of dark chocolate, crystal malts, ripe fruit, and roasted coffee from the specialty malts. Combined with an expressive lactic acidity and fruity ester profile from our native micro flora, this makes for a truly unique and full flavored dark sour.

Saison #4

Saison #4, with local wildflower honey, Sapphire dry hopped. One of our spontaneous beers from last year blended with a 2.5 year old saison. The native microflora imparts a unique stone fruit character to our spontaneous beers, while the fermentation process strips away the sweetness from the honey, revealing the subtle flavors from the hills it was made. Juicy, tart, complex, and delicious.

Berliner Weisse #1


Our first coolship beer – Berliner Weisse #1. Brewed in January, the barn door was left open overnight to cool and inoculate the wort with wild yeast and bacteria from the Santa Cruz Mountains. We then aged for 8 months in barrels from @silvermountainvineyards and refermented in the bottle. A wonderfully tart and complex ale that’s perfect as summer turns into fall.