Red #1

Red #1, with raspberries. The red ale occupies the space between the dark and light saison. Darker than a traditional saison, with subdued chocolate and roasted flavors of a dark, the red ale is a perfect platform to showcase local raspberries. Aged for a year on oak, including 2 months on local red raspberries, this is our most fruit forward beer to date.

Gose #1b

Gose 1b, with apricots. We wanted a low-alcohol, refreshing beer for summer, so we split Gose 1 between two barrels in order to evaluate several variables. We pulled Gose 1a after 4 months but we found it to be too light and one-dimensional. So we let Gose 1b sit for an additional 6 months, including 2 months on apricots. We then blended in a 5 month old Berliner Weisse inoculated with wild yeast from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The result is slightly tart, slightly wild, and bursting with apricot flavor and aroma.