Gose A

Gose A, tequila barrel aged with grapefruit. Exclusive bottle club beer. Brewed and coolshipped in January of 2018, the grain bill comprised of half summer wheat and half american pilsner malt. Fermented on stainless and age in freshly emptied Reposado Tequila barrel for a year, we then added 40 pounds of Ruby Grapefruit pulp to further fermented and age in neutral french oak. Fresh pineapple, citrus peel, and cooked agave fruitiness on the nose. Drinks with a peach skin tannin structure, grapefruit and lime flavors with a minerally finish.

Gose #2

Gose #2, tequila barrel aged with Himalayan pink salt. A light, funky gose with coriander and pink Himalayan salt aged in tequila barrels. Restrained acidity, the tequila barrels impart a slight smoky flavor that enhances the herbal profile from coriander without imparting any booziness.

Gose #1b

Gose 1b, with apricots. We wanted a low-alcohol, refreshing beer for summer, so we split Gose 1 between two barrels in order to evaluate several variables. We pulled Gose 1a after 4 months but we found it to be too light and one-dimensional. So we let Gose 1b sit for an additional 6 months, including 2 months on apricots. We then blended in a 5 month old Berliner Weisse inoculated with wild yeast from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The result is slightly tart, slightly wild, and bursting with apricot flavor and aroma.